What Have I Been Reading?

In the absence of Suspect Paki, one blog has covered some of the issues close to my heart with passion, honesty and clarity. And that’s Hotter Than A Pile Of Curry. If you want that singular, blazing focus on issues that concern Muslims, especially in the West, than The Akh lends a flavour to the discourse that many young British Muslims should find satisfying. Go check it out if you’re not subscribing already.

Follow The Akh on Twitter too. Here’s why.

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Of course, Nawaz, who is currently going around with a begging bowl looking for funds for Quilliam now that the government has stopped funding the Islamophobic “former-extremist”, sharp-suit donning sell-outs isn’t the only one who cites the Islamophobic Harry’s Place. I remember Hazel Blears doing the same thing over Gaza. As for what Nawaz is putting in his cigars, probably the same stuff he has always put in his cigars.