I think I need a break. I don’t mean a holiday. I mean a break. Doing something radically different. Not as long as a sabbatical, but not as short as a fortnight in the sun. A boot camp for a physical and mental skill in a totally unfamiliar environment.

Like a rock tour after a fortnight of woodshedding, something like that. Ever get that feeling?

3 thoughts on “Woodshed”

  1. All the time mate! Perhaps you should give spelunking in the subterranean London underground a try.

  2. Aye.

    There are ways to cycle things like that. In the freelancing economy we say 50/25/25 – 50% of the year for work, 25% of the year for learning new skills, 25% of the year for personal (creative) projects. The amounts may vary, but it is a good rule of thumb for keeping things fresh continually.

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