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You’ve all heard the news about Instagram, that they’re about to set loose some particularly nasty licence conditions. Many of the users are up in arms, and so they should be.

I’m not surprised. Facebook bought them. Mark Zuckerberg and I don’t share the same view on data privacy. He has what one might call “progressive views”. I stopped using Instagram, sadly, when Facebook bought them. I’ve since started using Facebook again. Hypocrite? No. I just made a simple adjustment. I now behave as if Facebook was a public arena. I post nothing, and say nothing, that I wouldn’t want my worst enemies to repeat.

With the news on the licence terms changing for Instagram, and with the recent improvement of the iPhone Flickr app (it’s not great, but it’s usable), I decided to take some conclusive steps.

  • I used to download all my Instagram pics as a .zip file. This didn’t take long.
  • I uploaded the files to my Amazon S3 repository for long-term safekeeping.
  • I backed up my files locally.
  • I backed the files up to the cloud via CrashPlan.
  • I uploaded all my photos to Flickr and started to rename them.
  • I deleted my Instagram account, permanently.

You can find my photos here:

And my Flickr profile here:

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