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  1. “Jet Set Willy”

    Wow…..I actually had that on the C64!

    Love to hear your thoughts on “cloud” gaming versus the traditional hard disc element, will streaming ever be good enough to replace the tried and trusted format?

    Also – (I know you’re a die hard Apple man 😉 Android mobile gaming is coming on leaps and bounds – Shadowgun & GTA as examples show what’s possible.

    Are phone based games the future? lower retail price but coupled with great distribution and higher penetration amongst casual gamers (from a business angle) to me makes it a simple decision….what’s your take?

    1. Cloud gaming – depends on the game type. Call of Duty? Not until the speed of fibre to the home (every home that participates in the game) matches traditional network speeds, otherwise latency will continue to be a real problem. And it doesn’t just need to be quicker, it needs to be a couple of orders of magnitude quicker because the whole point is to construct the entire scene on the server. It’s a fancy term for very old ideas, but I remain unconvinced.

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