BBC TV Licence Fee Con

Pretty much the only TV I watch now is via Netflix. There’s not enough new stuff on there to distract me, but just enough quality older stuff with the odd documentary that provides for some light entertainment from time to time on demand.

I’ve written before about my disdain for the BBC, and it’s nice to see other people pick up on the rather obvious conclusion that the BBC has become unreliable, biased, unrepresentative and cowardly in its news reporting. I don’t care much for the rest of its programming either, and given that if I want to watch programmes I’ve already paid for, I have to pay for them again on iTunes or whatever, I hardly think it fair that I should have to pay the licence fee for a channel that not only doesn’t report the news properly, but has also for many years now played a role in making Islamophobia pass the dinner-table-test.

So if anyone knows how I can get away with not paying the licence fee, please let me know. I have no intention of watching anything the BBC makes without paying for it, I’d just much rather pay for it on demand.

One thought on “BBC TV Licence Fee Con”

  1. I havent watched the BBC for years. I have to agree with you its unfair I have to pay the BBC when infact I just want to watch al jazeera or press tv.
    I have to pay for their propaganda. Things when downhill after Greg Dyke was hounded out, only to replaced by an anti-christ. They wouldnt even allow a DEC appeal for Gaza.
    Now when i see the BBC spew crap, I think im glad I dont pay for that crap.
    We pay for the licence and they promote Israel’s interests.
    But the main problem is that righteous people dont rise up and complain.

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