What Have I Been Reading?

In the absence of Suspect Paki, one blog has covered some of the issues close to my heart with passion, honesty and clarity. And that’s Hotter Than A Pile Of Curry. If you want that singular, blazing focus on issues that concern Muslims, especially in the West, than The Akh lends a flavour to the discourse that many young British Muslims should find satisfying. Go check it out if you’re not subscribing already.

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Of course, Nawaz, who is currently going around with a begging bowl looking for funds for Quilliam now that the government has stopped funding the Islamophobic “former-extremist”, sharp-suit donning sell-outs isn’t the only one who cites the Islamophobic Harry’s Place. I remember Hazel Blears doing the same thing over Gaza. As for what Nawaz is putting in his cigars, probably the same stuff he has always put in his cigars.


2 thoughts on “What Have I Been Reading?”

  1. As’Salaam’Alaikum,

    Appreciate your kind words of encouragement Akhi.

    I’ve added you to my list of trusted blogs, based of course upon all your previous works.

    Whether it’s Maj, Ed or Shiraz, the government will always be able to toss a bit of loose change in the direction of such unscrupulous individuals who will sell out their deen, community and themselves.

    The latest in the long line of these despicable characters is one Hasan Afzal who has started up the british Muslims for israel project….I kid you not. I’ll have a post on this spurious two man “organisation” soon enough.

    I Look forward to reading what you have to say.

    May Allah Az’Wajjal keep us all steadfast upon his path.

    The Akh

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