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I’ve learned this much over the last few years: you cannot trust the mainstream media. Whereas before my recent involvement with these liars, I could have arrived at this conclusion through deduction — and on suspectpaki I frequently did — more recently I found this to be the case through direct experience.

The reason there seems to be little point in making noise about the media’s clear role in peddling lies and official conspiracy theory is because it is so obviously a given.

There might well be some journalists who actually think they’re doing a good job, that they’re on the right path, that they are principled, but they are the most dangerously deluded.

A good friend of mine laughed at me recently because I touted the Guardian as being “alright”, reflexively. It only took me an instant to realise that he was of course totally justified in his avuncular chortles. I was forced to laugh at myself within moments once realisation dawned. The Guardian isn’t alright of course. It just fools you into thinking that it’s a legitimate choice. They’re all false choices. There is no choice. There is the official narrative, there is the official narrative-lite, then there is the other official narrative.

Why rant and rave at a bunch of lying prostitutes whose job is to peddle the official line? Why do you think you only hear about a Hamas bee fart in Israel causing an alleged allergic reaction in an Israeli pensioner’s dog, whilst the deliberate bombing of Palestinian mosques, schools and children is passed over as if it were an inconvenience to even mention the terrorist scum? Is it because the media doesn’t understand that it isn’t balanced? No. It’s because the media knows what it has to do. It has to lie. It has to distort. It has to pervert. That’s how the media works. As long as you know that the mainstream media will never give you a balanced picture when it comes to power politics, you will not feel so wronged. You’ll accept that this is the kind of crappy world we live in.

Screen shot 2011 04 08 at 23 52 28

The above is the front page of the BBC website as of 23:53 on the 8th of April 2011. 17 people have been killed in Gaza by the Zionist scum, but the only thing you have on Muslim deaths there is a tiny mention on Nato regretting killing the people it was supposed to be bolstering in Libya. It’s always “regrets”, isn’t it? You know one day, the filthy empires that repress and enslave the majority of humanity, that cause suffering Afghans whose nation is being bombed and whose children murdered and paraded in pictures by smiling soldiers showing off the lopped-off-finger-trophies to come to the West seeking refuge only to turn back will be in ruins and who will be left to have “regrets” then?

Unfortunately, I can’t go into detail on my personal experiences with the media, because the case (and the cause) is ongoing, but I can say this. I have proof that the media, even so-called respectable organisations like Channel 4, lies, with full knowledge that they are lying and that complaints to bodies like OfCom fall on deaf ears.

If you want truth, if you want perspective, you will have to go elsewhere, and I don’t mean Wikileaks or Al-Jazeera either.

Stop reading the newspapers, stop watching the news. You are being lied to and brainwashed. Your mind is the only asset you have of any value and your mind needs to be fed. Just remember, garbage in, garbage out.

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  1. Please accept my apologies for being so rude as to have laughed in your face like that. In my defence, I can only say that your touching expression of faith in the Guardian was very, very funny



    PS Of all the corporate media outlets out there, Russia Today currently appears to be the most provocative and interesting. From the home of Pravda – oh, the irony…

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